Our cidermaking is rooted in our relationship to the land. Caring and continually learning from the orchard is one of our biggest inspirations and joys. For us, farming is a form of land stewardship. Our role is to uplift the health of living systems and thus the vibrancy of flavors they express.  Our farm is a testbed for regenerative agriculture, exploring strategies that both heal the land and increase the quality of the yields. We source additional apples from other growers in our community that share this ethic.

What you leave behind matters, and it’s not about money, wealth or material goods. It’s not success you want to be remembered for, but significance.
— Mas Masumoto -  Wisdom Of The Last Farmer

Orchard Location  Apple Bottom Farm  ||Latitude 38.425826 Longitude -122.857039||


Our Certified Organic farm is located north of Sebastopol in the Atascadero/Green Valley watershed. The combination of Goldridge sandy loam soils (the remnants of an ancient seabed) and the coastal influence make this an ideal locale for growing fruit with complex flavors. Our long ripening season with warm days and cool nights yields apples with a beautiful balance of ripe fruit flavors and lively acidity that are expressed in our Ciders.

I firmly believe, from what I have seen, that this is the chosen spot of all this earth as far as nature is concerned.
— Luther Burbank, famous botanist and longtime resident of Sebastopol